How does this work?

Telepathy works like a CB radio. A sender and a receiver go back and forth on an invisible line. The messages that are exchanged between a human being and an animal being are made up of thoughts, feelings and emotions instead of spoken words.

How do you know this form of communication is taking place?

People who observe the process point out they sense the animal is focused on something internal while I am communicating with them. I also receive information that is pertinent to the issues at hand.

What are the benefits?

We are able to by-pass speculative thinking! Telepathy allows me to ask very specific questions and get specific answers from the animals themselves. If there is a behavior pattern to resolve, the animal provides the information we need to understand the real issues at hand.

Information can be very comforting. A person, for example, may experience great relief to find out their beloved companion was never physically mistreated before they adopted him.

A session brings the person and the animal to a heightened sense of awareness of each other.

Can anyone communicate with animals this way?

Many people can and have on occasion. That is why they understand intuitive communication is possible. To become more skillful, they need learn how to get in touch with their telepathic center and know the different aspects of telepathic communication.

Do you have a question about your particular animal companion?

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