When it comes to improving the way you and your pet communicate with each other, Brigitte Noel, M.Ms. can help. For nearly 30 years, she has been providing animal therapy in San Diego, CA, to help change how pets and humans interact and relate to each other. During one of her animal behavior consultations, she is able to gain a quick understanding of the relationship dynamics between you and your pet and provide compassionate guidance designed to improve your partnership.

At All-Ears Animal Communication, our goal is to help owners develop the deeper connection they want with their beloved companion animals. Brigitte strives to bring pet owners closer to a mutual understanding with their furry friends while also providing assistance through major changes, such as the grieving process after a loss. Contact Brigitte today to schedule your animal behavior consultation.

Answering Your Communication Questions

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about Brigitte’s animal therapy and communication process. Brigitte wants you to feel comfortable coming to her for animal advice, no matter the reason. Whether you are struggling with understanding a habit or simply wish to develop a better relationship with your pet, give her a call.

Brigitte also offers holistic animal consultations that allow you to explore a new awareness of your pet and how they view the world. So, give yourself and your furry friend a chance to become even closer by calling Brigitte to schedule an animal behavior consultation in person or to discuss a remote session.


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