Emotional Assistance for People with Animals in San Diego, CA

Emotional Assistance for People with Animals in San Diego, CA

If you have an animal companion that you would like to get to know better, contact Brigitte Noel. She has provided emotional assistance for people with animals in San Diego, CA, across the country, and worldwide. She will help you learn how your pet thinks and feels, and how you can make your life together even more fulfilling.

In times of decisions about ill pets, or decisions about pet transition to the other side, the communication gap is eliminated by a session. The personal feedback from the animals gives clarity as to what to do at the appropriate time as their process unfolds. This assures they receive the correct support and care they need.

Brigitte offers a warm, objective, experienced, and supportive voice when your emotions run high.

Clients experience excellent results from following the advice that Brigitte gleans from the animal companions themselves. You can expect a deepening of your relationship with your special friend. Through animal therapy, your mutual understanding will be increased, as will your awareness of his or her emotional and physical concerns.


Whenever a physical problem is at the heart of the matter, Brigitte supplements your veterinarian’s treatment by offering emotional assistance to your pet and yourself.


Issues get sorted out and everyone in the family benefits from the information and the improved dynamics between animals and humans.

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  • Digital recording of the session provided
  • Centrally located in San Diego, CA
  • Telephone consultations nationwide and worldwide