BA-373Brigitte’s work in the field of animal communication is the natural outcome of her long involvement in metaphysics and personal development. To her, it represents the ideal convergence of those interests with the love of animals she has felt since childhood.

As the daughter of a Swiss career diplomat and a Russian mother, the young Brigitte moved from country to country. However, there was one constant in her life: Adopted pets always found a home with her family. Friends were hard to make and keep, but she could fall back on an easy rapport with the neighborhood pets and other animals. Brigitte spent most of her teenage years in San Francisco, then returned to Switzerland to finish the French program high school and attend University. In 1982, she was ready to come back to the United States and the West Coast. It was here in San Diego that a college class in comparative religion opened her up to alternative ways of thinking.

Brigitte’s significant areas of interest came into sharper focus: Her love of nature translated into an appreciation of the Pacific coastline area, while her latent interest in alternative fields found fertile ground in Southern California. Her lifelong love of animals was also realized here as she enjoyed the companionship of cats, parrots, ferrets, and horses. She schooled herself in the animal world by reading everything she could find about various species. She was working unhappily in real estate when she came into contact with Noel_and_friendSamantha Khury of Manhattan Beach. Khury was the first person Brigitte had ever been aware of who practiced animal communication. Brigitte organized a visit by Khury to the ranch where her mare was boarded. She was able to sit in on the sessions Khury had with various horses. This confirmed her belief that the animal’s point of view could be tapped into.

Over the years, Brigitte gradually devised her own telepathic technique. After honing her skills on her own pets, she began holding telepathic sessions with other people’s animal companions.

clarabell-simonBrigitte shares her hillside home with two cats, Simon, a honey-colored tabby boy and Willa a little Tuxedo girl.  Brigitte also enjoys connecting with horses as much as she can. Right now she doesn’t have a horse but never passes up an opportunity to be around them.