We bring a sea lion whisperer to La Jolla Cove, because why not?

by Corey Levitan (La Jolla Light)

Brigitte Noel sits on a portable chair on the rocks at La Jolla Cove, Sept. 19. She concentrates on a male and female sea lion surrounded by pups.

Lots of voices have chimed in on this hot-button La Jolla issue. One that’s decidedly missing is that of the sea lions themselves. Noel, an animal psychic, agreed to try opening a channel.

What could it hurt?

Noel has an office in her Mission Hills home in which she sees troubled pets and their humans. She’s worked as what she calls an animal “clair-sentient” for 23 years.

“You have to totally respect what’s coming from the animal and not try to change or edit it,” she explains.

Noel says she grew up unaware of her telepathic ability because “I thought people around me were perceiving everything I was, too.”

Brains communicate with the bodies they’re encased in via a series of nerves. These are basically wires, Noel analogizes, and her communication is “like wi-fi.”

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Listen Up!

Brigitte Noel’s All-Ears Animal Communication lets horses tell their side of the story.

by Kim F. Miller (California Riding Magazine)

Brigitte Noel knows her profession as an animal communicator is a bit “out there” for some people, but she sees her work in very practical, tangible terms. “I’m a puzzle solver,” explains Brigitte, a San Diego resident who has been helping owners connect with their horses and pets for close to 20 years. “This work tends to find the missing piece of the puzzle and it’s usually the one that is essential to the true picture of what is going on with the horse.”

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Bridging the Communication Gap with Our Animal Friends

By Brigitte Noel (excerpt published in Vision Magazine)

Most dogs respond well to conventional obedience training. Others experience all sorts of challenges and we need to find out the source of the miscommunication. As an intuitive animal behaviorist my goal is to understand the dog’s perspective as well as the human perspective. A human’s perception and the animal companion’s viewpoint about identical circumstances can be very different, or just slightly so. Big or small, the point of divergence is the source of misunderstandings. Non-verbal animal communication allows me to side step the pitfalls of speculation and ask animals directly why they do what they do. They answer willingly and help clear up the confusion about their circumstances.

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Our Panther

By Geoff Bouvier San Diego Reader

Perhaps you’ve seen the television show Pet Psychic on Animal Planet. The main character, Sonya Fitzpatrick, is an animal communicator. The premise is that this woman can telepathically converse with nonhuman creatures, diagnosing their problems, discovering interesting things about them. Whether you believe this practice is viable or not, one of the true pioneers in the field of animal communication lives right here in San Diego.

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What ARE they trying to say?

by Brigitte Noel, M.Ms. (Published in Vision Magazine)

Live with any animal, dog, cat, bird, rabbit or rat and there are times, no matter how hard you try, where you fail to understand the reason for a certain behavior. How frustrating. Your dog stares at you, a look deep with meaning… what is he communicating? The cat vocalizes daily a series of warbles and meows definitely meant for your benefit, but what did she say? Could the parrot have more to communicate beyond his possessive love?

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Seals vs. Humans

Article by David Moye Photos by Danielle Strom

Fahrenheit gets the other side of the story

Lately, the San Diego news media has been covering all aspects of the all-important seal issue of the Children’s Cove in La Jolla, from the seal lovers who want humans to stay away to La Jolla locals who want to take back the beach. One group whose comments have, sadly, been missing form the debate are from the seals themselves. That is, until now. Fahrenheit recently asked nationally renowned animal communicator Brigitte Noel to talk with the seals and get their take on the whole Children’s Cove issue.

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Past meets present in my animal clients

Animals are often brought to me because they exhibit confusing behavior. Using information gained telepathically from the animals themselves, we-humans, animals, and I-develop simple and effective solutions to the animals’ problems. Since 1995 I have documented every session in my animal communication practice. These case studies provide great insight into animal consciousness as it travels through its phases of life, death and reincarnation.

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Heart to Heart with Missy, Prince and Rodrigo

Horses, like most animals, address our spirit in the most simple and profound manner. Most of the time our equine companions strive to communicate with us as we interact with them. Sometimes, the conventional line of communication breaks down and the horse and the rider find themselves at odds. Since the quality of the relationship depends on solid emotional compatibility and mutual understanding, both rider and horse can experience increasing levels of stress when things don’t go smoothly.

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