Quotes from a few animal clients….

“Yes, I am willing to share – you give “Dog” a chance. This is truly a wonderful experience. A wonderful experience. My spirit soars – My spirit soars so well – so well. I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.”

“Please let her know that I am fully cognizant and appreciate all that she does for me. All. And that I am so appreciative for this opportunity to share my innermost thoughts and fears.”
Female Rottweiler, 1 year old

“I am so happy to see you again. You made such a difference in my life. I did not know people could do this so well. This is wonderful. This is such a relief to be able to share.”
Male cat, 14 years old

“I am ready to share I am ready to share. I have waited a long time for this.”
Female Cocker Spaniel, 6 years old

“Yes – yes, I would like to share. There are a lot of things I’d like to share. First of all, tell the little one I do care about her very, very, very much – and I do love her, too.”
Quarter Horse Gelding, 15 years old

“I am so comfortable here (Brigitte’s office). This is such a calm place, such a comforting place. This is a good, good, good place. I am very happy here.”
Female Australian Shep. mix, 14 years old

And a few “people” quotes…

My newly adopted cat, Franklin, is doing great, and we have gone into a more comfortable rhythm since we talked…The biting has also stopped except when I bump him and he comes out of sleep, but that’s understandable. Anyway–you and your work made a big difference.  Thank you!  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

A.G., Ashland, Oregon 

Thank you so very much, both Buddy and myself thoroughly enjoyed our session with you!  Your session put everything into perspective for both of us and this experience was similar to having a counseling session – understanding all the pieces of the entire puzzle.  It was an heartfelt and uplifting experience!  You are amazing and thank you again!
Mary Chesnois and Buddy

This is one of the happiest letters I have ever written! Great news to report. Literaly starting the day of our phone consult with Ringo, he became a “changed horse”…he has been the picture of cooperation and “trying”. He tries so hard to do what I ask, shows pleasure at seeing me and and is down right affectionate. I cannot describe fully the magnitude of the change in him. Truly a miracle. Thank you!
Dee Gleason, Trainer.

Thanks again for another GREAT lecture. It is always such a huge hit. I appreciate your continuing support of our Community Programs
Stacey Zeitlin
San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Remember Bo, my almost black gelding…you said he was in pain-hence the bucking etc…. Well, he was seen by a veterinarian/chiropractor who said his neck right shoulder and right hip were out! He was adjusted and is a different horse.
Dee Gleason, Trainer.

Thank you so for our session today. Moxie is such a special, incredible dog. I am happy she found an insightful voice in you. Your observations and wisdom will make our life together even better.
Stephanie Rudolph

I just wanted to let you know that Aileron passed away last week, in his sleep. He was almost 12… Also wanted you to know how much your session meant to Ails, me and my husband. Learning about him through you really helped us make sure he got in his exploring time with his nose and paws, his time with Sean and we were able to open and receive his huge & gentle love. Sean’s heart really opened through Ails and you were a big part of making that happen over the past 2 years since your sessions with him. What more can be said….thanks you.
Streams of gratitude to you,
Sandy Heath

As a holistic practitioner for animals, I have found Brigitte Noel’s communication skills invaluable for several of my patients. She has helped the owners deal with some pretty severe behavioral issues with their pets. In two instances the owners were even considering euthanasia, and with Brigitte’s help the pets’ lives were saved and the pet bond was forged even stronger.
Monica Laflin, D.V.M., C.V.A.

In my practice, Brigitte has been a substantial and welcome support especially in difficult situations involving transitions or behavior. She has a unique and penetrating ability to ferret out the big picture: The “why”.
S.Anne Smith, V.M.D.,O.M.D.

Thank you again for seeing Zipper my cat yesterday. It was great! We learned so much and I am very grateful for your assistance. Zipper calmed down after we got home and now she is fine, back to her royal self.
Shelly Smith

Thank you again for the work you are doing. You have created miracles in this home.
I am actually watching my cats Amy and Katie learning to play together.
Nancy Patterson

Stan is now a different horse. Wow! He has not only impressed me, the rider, but the more we school to get ready for the jumper classes, the more people see him in action. Everyone just can’t believe he is the same horse we had before. Now we are able to get him down to fine tuning that is so important if we are going to do well in competitions.
Larry Milwee

Once again, I am very grateful for the time we’ve spent together-this time for my 3 year old Golden Retriever, Kia. While I tried to see her potential, I was stumped in how to help her do her best. You’ve given me the tools I need to significantly increase both Kia’s and my happiness. I am continually grateful for your insights that have time and again improved the relationships I have with my animal companions.
Ellen Ward

Thank you again for our session yesterday. I don’t know how I could have possibly been able to learn these never ending, heart opening lessons from my beloved animal companions over the years without your compassionate and loving assistance. My life is immeasurabley changed and enhanced and I hope that with the the help you have provided, I have been able to afford a similar life experience for my beloved friends and partners.
Adrienne Cable

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your gift in communication with animals as you have. Last night, I finally listened to the original tape with my lab Labraccio and continued to digest all that was reviewed during our second session (after her transition) yesterday afternoon. It has provided so much comfort in my being able to approach all the changes which I have before me. I’ll look forward to our future dialogues with Akira, and of course Labraccio if she can break away from all the fun she is having on the otherside!
Joe Pavlicko

I have seen changes in both my dogs. Ling Ling loves that I am aware of Amber’s lack of manners. And Amber, our rescue dog, has learned she needs to be more polite. It’s getting better everyday. I’ve noticed Amber is becoming more independent, less clingy.
She is blossoming. I feel more connected to each dog. Your session has brought us all closer.
Diane Bousquin, L.Ac.

There are no words in the English language that describes my appreciation for your gentle guidance and wisdom with Franco (Standard Poodle). My heart is filled with gratitude and peace.
Celeste Varas de Valdes

Your communication with Miracle revealed some really relevant points that made complete sense but without you we would never have been aware of those issues. Thank you for communicating with our Yorkie Miracle and providing the understanding and reassurance that she needed that these problems would not be repeated. It made all the difference in the world not only to Miracle but to our family!
From the heart,
Ashley, Alan, Naomi & Miracle

Thank you so much Brigitte for all your wonderful insights and you help. You’ve helped me glean a lot of insights and understandings, and you’ve made a big difference in my life.
Tammy Macaluso

I just want to say thank you from the heart for your advice on canceling my trip and staying with my sick cat, Mr. Two,
Julie Rudman

Well, O Wise One, you were right about Trixie (one of two rescued cats). I went out of my way to bond with her & it worked! She has not pooped on the sofa–or anywhere else except in her litter boxes—since you & she “talked,” I am very pleased to report. Thank you so much!
Heidi Clevenger

Thank you for our most enlightening session with Mollie (dog). She has responded so well to our love, assurance and compliments. And Maggie (dog) has picked up on her new boundaries.
Mary Felix

Thank you for all you did with Roxy (dog), listening to her and helping her with her transition.
Karen and Ed Kennedy

On the LoveLink Workshops…

I found Brigitte’s workshop classes to be both enjoyable and insightful. I truly appreciated her special gift as well as her desire and ability to heighten our awareness and sensitivity. Her gentle nurturing of each individuals’ talents enabled each participant to realize and improve upon their own unique abilities. The time spent in her classes was very worthwhile!
C.Kirk Feinberg, D.V.M.

Thank you for such an enlightening workshop! I had a great experience and learned quite of bit of valuable, useful information. I look forward to the next levels. Thank you for sharing.
Teri Rider

Thank you so much for providing the workshop…I was so stimulated by it that I couldn’t get any sleep. I think I was able to confirm I am the “senstate” type.
Kathleen Borsos-Wooley

Once again I enjoyed your class. My friend, Marilynn came with me, was beside herself to be in a room full of like-minded people. She’s very tuned-in. She commented repeatedly that she admires your spiritual responsibility: You ask permission, you are careful of what you think about in certain circumstances.
Bryna Block

Thank you for such a challenging and rewarding workshop. You made me work mental muscles I hardly ever use and it was wonderful. I don’t think you have any idea of what a powerful teacher you are. All of us were moved intensely by the truths you shared, and I felt all of us truly move up to another level of awareness.
Jonna Rae Bartges

“One of the most important tools I learned in Brigitte’s Animal Communication workshop is how to get out of my head and into my heart when communicating with animals. Once I achieved this, everything else fell into place. I was able to build confidence and trust in what I was ‘hearing’ from my animals. I highly recommend taking all levels of the workshop to enhance your relationships with the animals in your lives.”
Lisa Oliver

I would like to express my joy in finding a teacher and a class that provides a safe place for me to explore my ability. Along with like minded and supportive people, I fulfilled my long held dream of good rapport and communication with our Animal friends!!! Much Love and Thanks to Brigitte!
Lael Kozak

My life has changed for the better. Not only can I communicate with animals, it has improved the relationship between my own animals and myself. I now have a spiritual understanding that was not present before. The workshops have expanded my mind as well as my horizons.
Janel Eaton

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