Why does my iguana escape outside and climb a tree?

Iguanas are beautiful and sensitive creatures. They live in homes with people who often do not realize how much they crave “sun”, “green”, “trees” and “natural verdant surroundings”. They need “natural sunlight” not just lamp warmth. This information was shared by an iguana who felt lamps were not enough. He needed to absorb warmth and light from the sun for his well-being.The heat lamp kept him warm but could not replace the sun’s beneficial rays.

Do iguanas have emotions?

All animals feel and emote including lizards! My work with abused and neglected iguanas shows they are traumatized and emotionally scarred by an inappropriate environment and an insensitive owner. Such hardness of heart in another being is incomprehensible; it causes them great emotional distress to live in this manner.


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