My dogs were fine until a few months ago when they started to have serious disagreements with each other?

Something must have changed the dynamics between the dogs. The shift may have occurred during one specific event or over a period of time. A session would reveal where the tension is coming from and why. A human being’s perception of a situation is sometimes very different from a canine perspective. We need to find out what is going on from the dogs themselves.

I’ve had my dog since she was a puppy, she has had the most loving and nurturing home. She can’t seems to stay alone for more than a few minutes at a time without becoming upset. Can you help?

Yes, a session reveals many aspects of your dogs perception about being left alone. They are unique and specific. I need to know the exact source of her distress so we know how to address the fear. What applies to another dog may not work for her. Best results come when we address the cause not just the effect. (Getting another dog to keep her company may not remove the separation anxiety.)

My dog just looks and looks at me with the most loving expression in her eyes. I know she is trying to communicate something to me, but I’m not quite sure what it is.

Yes, this is a common situation. This is a telepathic version of “The tree and the forest syndrome”. Being close and loving is wonderful but sometimes we need help from a neutral party to perceive the bigger picture. A session would allow this information to flow through and create a clearer line of emotional/spiritual communication between your dog and yourself.


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