Why does my cat pee or poop outside the box? I keep it so clean.

Because it is trying to tell you something in the only manner it knows how. Peeing is an emotional issue. Pooping outside of the cat box is an expression of anger. The cat no longer needs to pee or poop outside of the cat box when we find the specific cause of the distress and resolve the problem.

I just got a new kitten and my 5 year old cat is extremely distressed and is not getting over it, what can I do, I don’t want to bring the kitten back?

Cats of any age can be very upset by a new addition to the family. We need to find out what is causing the older cat to react in this manner…Is this jealousy? Grief? Did the older cat want to be an only cat? Then we can figure out how to get everyone’s needs met and bring harmony back to your household without surrendering the kitten.
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