By all accounts and Brigitte’s personal experience, this is a positive, upbeat and healing time for all. People often come to the consult sad and teary eyed, but leave comforted and with a smile.

Brigitte recognizes the heart to heart, soul-to-soul connection with an animal can be stronger and deeper than with other human beings, even family members. Invariably, as animal lovers, we have to say good-bye time and time again. Communication with our beloved animals on the Otherside is often a source of great comfort and healing.

Animals and their people in their own way feel the pain of separation. It is a highly individual process. It can bring great relief and comfort to connect one more time to check on them and to open a line of communication. This is an opportunity to resolve unfinished business, get a sense of where they are in the multi-tiered process of concluding this incarnation.

After a period of mending and restoring the wholeness to the holographic fabric of their former bodies some animals like to stay close to the earth plane and come visit in spirit form for a while. Others choose to hang around for a bit and then move on to more ethereal planes further out. Brigitte assists you in properly recognizing a presence and connecting with the energy sent to you from your animal companion on the Otherside. It is a specific and distinctive experience with each and every relationship. No two consults are alike, they may be similar, but never exactly the same.

As a guideline, Brigitte found it is favorable to wait around 15 days after a passing to have a good clear connection with a deceased animal friend. During that time an animal friend has had time to adjust to the new environment. And their people can achieve a higher vibration to facilitate a clear communication. (Sorrow and grief have lower frequencies.)

This consult is similar in format to a regular one.

These sessions can be done in person or on the phone. Please provide good photos (JPG or paper copy).

**Brigitte is available for connections with people/family members on the Otherside on a case-by-case basis.

Digital recording included with all consults.

In office:
$195 for 90 minutes or $175 for 60 minutes.

Phone consults:
$175 for 60 minutes.

Credit cards accepted. Gift certificates available.

Call Brigitte at (619) 295-5504 to make an appointment.