Custom Blended Flower Remedies

by Brigitte Noel


Animals have emotions too, and they often get pushed out of balance by the life they lead. For that reason they benefit greatly from the gentle emotional rebalancing and support flower essences provide.

Locked inside flowers are specific vibrational healing properties that address the emotional system in our bodies. At the turn of the 20th century Dr. Edward Bach, a highly respected English homeopathic physician, discovered that certain flower essences could balance and heal specific emotional states. He understood that there could be a conflict between body, mind and soul. Through his research and work with human patients he observed marked improvements in his patients health when balance and equilibrium was restored to their emotions with the flower essences. Since then his pioneering work has been taken up by others and healing through flower essences is widespread in holistic communities. Brigitte hones in on the root cause of the discomfort and prepares a custom blend of Bach Flower essences. The remedy is easy to administer, a few drops are added to the drinking water or to the food every day for a period of time. These remedies in conjunction with the information obtained during a session can really help an animal stay balanced and overcome emotional turmoil.

Custom blends of Bach Flower Essences are $20 each, shipping and handling included. A bottle lasts well over a month.

To order and for information about these remedies, please call Brigitte at 619-295-5504

Home cooking and super premium commercial foods.

Brigitte can guide you to cook books and the basic principals of home cooking for cats and dogs. It has to be done correctly so that important nutrients are not left out. There is ample scientific evidence that proper nutrition and correct eating habits can enhance health, performance and longevity. We are starting to understand that the over-processing and chemical additives which add color and texture can destroy much of the nutritional value of both people food and pet food. The quality of the ingredients used in the pet food industry is uneven at best. If you chose a commercial diet it is important to go to the shelves with new higher quality super premium foods. You find these in specialized pet stores, not in supermarkets. At this point in time, many super premium foods come on the market on a regular basis and there is a lot to choose from. For example, The Whole Dog Journal, subscription supported,no advertising, puts out a yearly list of the best ones for canines. Brigitte can discuss the different options available for your pets and you may then investigate these choices with your veterinarian. Investing in good nutrition now pays off in better health and fewer vet bills in the future. Brigitte hands out a list of several super premium foods for cats and dogs you can find in specialty stores.