Typical Session

Bruno, Tutti and Big. "We've had sessions!"
Bruno, Tutti and Big. “We’ve had sessions!”

To begin the session, Brigitte will spend some time with you and about fifteen minutes with your pet in complete receptivity. In real time she transcribes the silent conversation, and then reads and conveys to the best of her ability what your animal has communicated with her. A discussion follows. You’ll have an opportunity to consider your pet’s needs and wants, and Brigitte will offer suggestions about how you can address them. Her recommendations, based on the information shared by your animal friend, cover simple, practical steps you can take to improve your life together, as well as referrals to holistic veterinary health practitioners when necessary.

Brigitte also addresses non-toxic pest control and convenient, preservative and by-product-free nutrition and home cooking. In addition, Brigitte offers her Elemental Wisdom custom blend flower essences to support and heal long-term emotional issues.

The average in office session, therapeutic in nature, lasts an hour and a half. Fees will be discussed in advance, and may depend upon the specific situation and number of animals. A single session is all that is needed in most cases. The consult is recorded in digital MP3 format and a link is sent to your email address. It is easy to download to your computer in iTunes or Media Player to play back the recording. (Brigitte provides a CD recording if it is requested.)

General price list: Includes digital recording and a courtesy follow-up call.

In-office sessions:
$195 for 90 minutes. First time office consults take 90 minutes.
$175 for 60 minutes.

Phone consults:
$175 for 60 minutes. First time phone appointments take 60 minutes.
$ 95 for 30 minutes repeat clients only.

About a month later, Brigitte follows up by telephone. This courtesy call provides an opportunity for clarification and feedback for all.

Prices may vary according to services. Please contact Brigitte for a specific quote. Credit cards accepted. Gift certificates available.

Call Brigitte at (619) 295-5504 to make an appointment.